To be a member of the ELYC, is to be part of a community of water sport enthusiasts – while the usual auspicious air that flows around Yacht Clubs applies in that we value the traditions of old, you will find the club atmosphere to be light hearted and fun, yet deeply respectful of fellow members, the ocean and the environment in which we operate within the Port of East London.

Our Membership Stucture

The membership structure is divided up into various categories :

These members are eligible to vote and participate in club meetings and give input to the EXCO, and form the core stalwart group of sailors who regularly sail, store equipment on club premises and are ultimately responsible for the growth and prosperity of the club.

Much the same as full members, but without the rights to store yachts and equipment at the club and who sail occasionally yet keep the bar coffers ticking over

These are members who are members of another water sport club, and who’s club has affiliated themselves to the ELYC for various purposes – mostly access to the water. These members must first be members of their own club, and then of ELYC. These members are not eligible to vote or participate in club meetings.