2024 Youth Nationals

Youth Nationals is arguably the largest youth regatta in the country, it brings together the junior (Under 18’s) of almost every sailing club in the country, in what is a fiercly competitive competition on the water!

We will soon load some great photos and

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Youth Nationals 2024

This year ELYC is proud to be the host of this event in conjunction and under the auspices of South African Sailing!

 This year the event will be held at Wriggleswade dam near Stutterheim, while completely underutilized in the greater scheme of the sailing fraternity, it is one of the most amazing places to sail that South Africa has to offer!

This page is mostly to offer practical information, and to feed into the South African Sailing Website where the entry procedures and regatta documentation will be listed!

We look forward to welcoming you all at Wriggleswade on the 14th of December !